Help Wanted Therapist

Help wanted – ZOOM MEETING Therapist trained to support victims of crime, offer emotional support Email your resume at

$40.00 per 1 hour weekly zoom meeting.

Also Victims Advocate

The skills and background that we are looking for in a Victim Advocate is the ability to support victims of crime by offering emotional support and help in finding basic need resources, such as assistance in navigating the medical systems and financial assistance, Intervention with landlords, creditors and employers on behalf of the victim including: Assistance with safety planning, 

     Background – We also welcome Former Victims / Survivors who chose to help others through their own healing process. Our victim advocates will receive specialized training that prepares them to assist victims of direct energy weapons and continue receiving ongoing training surrounding crime victims and their needs. As an advocate for our organization Candidates will offer victims information about the different options available to them and support victims’ decision making. Our advocates must be committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of professionalism and confidentiality in their communication with victims. In addition Advocates are Responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a case management system to coordinate, facilitate, and monitor meetings, programs and services available to distressed.