Purpose: Victims of Direct Energy Weapons Support Organization.

Zoom Links are emailed to Victims that filed reports with DEW POLICE and got counted as Victims of Direct Energy Weapons to attend weekly support, check in meetings.

Victim are scattered around the world. Many alone, isolated, harassed, assaulted & tortured so much they are not able to get help, some led to believe they are the only one. Through VODEW Victims share their experiences, tips and resources to help other Victims during their times of need.

VODEW also helps raise awareness about the Criminal use of Direct Energy Weapons including Microwaves, Radio frequencies (Voice To Skull), Acoustic devices and others.

Overall we aim to create a care center for all victims, to provide quality services, trauma informed, victim-centered, and tailored to the specific needs of Direct Energy Weapons Victims.

Victims deserve to feel safe and supported. Quality care, compassionate responses, and essential services are needed to help survivors recover from their victimization. Creating conditions of trust and respect will help victims reclaim their lives and help them move toward self-sufficiency and independence.